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The Blind Pelican Executives
The Blind Pelican Interior

During the summer of 2015, Andrew & Nikki Stafford enjoyed an afternoon of sea kayaking in the Florida Keys. While paddling through the shallow waters of the magical mangrove canopies, they came upon a pod of pelicans.


Their eco tour guide began to tell them a vivid and detailed story about the brown pelican. “After spotting fish from great heights with its exceptional eyes, the majestic bird dives into the ocean to catch its dinner. Over time the repeated impact of diving into the water causes the brown pelican to go blind. Unable to feed any more, the bird eventually dies of starvation.” Having great admiration for the pelican, Andrew and Nikki were saddened to learn their fate.

Diving Pelican

Upon returning home to NC, Andrew decided to do some research. Andrew discovered the legend simply wasn’t so. In fact, pelicans have several adaptations to allow them to hunt this way.

Throughout the years, the story of “The Blind Pelican” always inspired Andrew. While thinking of names for their newest restaurant venture, he knew this had to be it.

Along with the creative expertise and talents of Executive Chef Michael Flood, Andrew & Nikki are bringing The Blind Pelican Seafood House to Holly Springs, NC. We hope you will enjoy!

The Blind Pelican
Owners Nikki and Andrew
Chef Mike Flood